These are the items we use on a daily basis when reselling items. Whether that be on eBay, Amazon FBA or Etsy. Many of these items can be used for multiple platforms and make reselling easier and more profitable.

Royal Mail's Drop & Go service allows you to top up your account online or at the Post Office and then drop your parcels and go.

Allowing you to skip the line and spend less time waiting at the counter. Instead, drop your parcels at your local Post Office along with your Drop and Go card and then get back to spending your time purchasing items or packing orders.

This service is completely free and available to everyone in the UK regardless of how much or how little you use Royal Mail's service.

Accelerlist is the application I've been using for over two years to list items on Amazon both merchant fulfilled and fulfilled by Amazon.

This application has saved us thousands of hours when it comes to listing items and putting together shipments - I simply couldn't live without it!

Repricer Express automatically adjusts the prices of my products listed on Amazon FBA within some pre-set parameters in order to ensure I'm competitive.

Not only does the automation save me a lot of time, but it also significantly increases the number of sales as I'm consistently optimally priced compared to the competition.


Board Backed Envelopes

These envelopes are ideal for posting trading cards or other small relatively flat items. The board backing keeps items flat and well protected in transit.

Padded Envelopes

Padded envelopes come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for sending items that don't quite need the protection offered by cardboard boxes or bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap

You'll save money by purchasing bubble wrap in bulk. However, storing it could become a problem - be sure to consider this when choosing the right size roll for you.

Cardboard Boxes

These boxes are perfect for sending items to the Amazon distribution centre or for sending large and heavy items to customers on eBay.

Brown Tape

Brown tape is essential for packing up cardboard boxes securely. Quality brown tape with a good level of 'stick' can be hard to come by.

Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser is a small monitary investment that makes dispensing brown tape onto parcels quick and easy. Don't buy tape without one of these!


Cellotape, also known as Sellotape is essential for securing the ends of small parcels to prevent articles coming loose from the package during transit.

Cellotape Dispenser

Much like the traditional tape dispenser, you shouldn't purchase cellotape without one of these. They are a small monitary investment and make using cellotape stress fee.


Sharpie pens are essential for writing on parcels. Whether that be a customers address or simple details ready for the post office.