These are the resources I use when Matched Betting online. To learn more about Matched Betting and how I made more than £11,000 in one year from the process check out these videos.

Profit Accumulator is a website that collates offers and deals together with some handy calculators and software to make Matched Betting as simple as it can be.

I started with Profit Accumulator when I began Matched Betting in 2016, and while I've tried other similar platforms I always come back to this one.

The educational videos and forums are invaluable for both beginners and Matched Betting pros

Odds Monkey is an alternative to Profit Accumulator.

The service is much the same with a forum, educational videos and resources alongside a collated list of the current ongoing offers and software calculators to make matched betting as simple as it can be.

The price is the same too, it's simply a case that some people prefer one platform over another.

While I've used this platform in the past I often still go back to Profit Accumulator as I'm simply more familiar with the set up.

A Quidco account will allow you to gain additional cashback alongside some of the promotional offers for a variety of the different betting platforms.

I've made £3,000 from this one cashback website alone and it required no additional effort on my part other than simply clicking through to the website from their website.

The cashback website is free to join and you can be paid out in cash via bank transfer or a in the form of gift cards for a variety of stores.