How To Wrap Ethereum (ETH to WETH)

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I will show you two different methods to swap your Ethereum for wrapped Ethereum or WETH.

Getting Started

To get started, we will need Meta Mask installed if you don’t already have a Meta Mask wallet.

You can see my Meta Mask wallet here. First, let me go to assets. It’s got 0.0364 Ethereum valued at the time of this post, $77.18.

Method One (Using Shibaswap)

So the first place we will come to complete a swap like this is Shiba Swap. So to do that, we go to; it’ll look like this.

Then you want to click connect wallet, and we’re connecting our Meta Mask wallet. Next, it’ll ask you which account you want to connect to. In my case, I only have one, so I’ll click connect.

Now we can see it is connected. My account is just up here. So we can click on that and see all the details.

Now what we want to do is come down here to swap, and we’re going to exchange some tokens.

We can see it’s already got Ethereum selected from it, it’s already pulled in my balance, and we’re going to swap to WETH. Again, it’s pulled in my WETH balance now of 0.012.

Then we’re going to come up here and click the cog icon.

We’re going to make sure that the slippage is set to zero. So you do not need any slippage when you’re doing this transaction.

Then it’s up to us to decide how much Ethereum we want to swap for WETH, and in my case, I’m going to go with 0.01.

Once I’m happy with everything there, I will click on the wrap button. That will bring up this popup here, where you can edit your gas fee.

In my case, I’m going to go with the fast gas fee, which is $1.01 at the time of this post. Gas fees do vary dramatically in price depending on demand. I’m going to go with the fast one.

If you go with a slow, it will take longer to process. Usually, I’ve found anything up to an hour; the average is 10 to 15 minutes. It does vary depending on the number of transactions on the network.

But if I’m happy with all of that, I go ahead and click save.

We can see the amount plus gas fee, and then yeah. Happy with all of that. So I click confirm.

We can see it comes up here and shows us one pending transaction.

And if we click on that here, it loads it up, and we can see it is currently in the process of going through the transaction.

We can see the times since the transaction started; we can see the gas fee we paid. Finally, we can see the value of the Ethereum and the gas price in Ether.

We now have success. Come up here to our Meta Mask wallet. And if we go to assets, we can see that my Ethereum balance has gone down. If I click on that, we can see the transfer I’ve just done here.

Go back again. If we scroll down, we can see my WETH balance has increased. It’s now 0.022 WETH, valued at $46.68.

If you come on here, scroll down and can’t see WETH, what you want to do is click add token search tokens and type in WETH, and then click on it. And that will add it to your asset list here.

Method Two (Using Balancer)

Now I’m going to show you method number two. For that we need Balancer.

So what we’re going to do again is come over here. It’s app., and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to connect our wallet once again; we’re going to connect Meta Mask.

It will ask us again to confirm which one we want to select. And in my case, I’ve only got one.

So next and connect, and that has got it all connected. So now we want to click on this trade button, and it’s already filled it in for us.

So, we can see we will be sending Ethereum to WETH.

Again, we want to come up here; make sure that the slippage tolerance is the lowest you can get. So zero in this case.

And then, we want to decide how much Ethereum we wish to swap. And in my case, I’m going to go with 0.01.

Again, we can see how much it’s going to cost. We’re going to preview that trade. We can see the trade, and if we are happy with everything, confirm the trade.

Again the Meta Mask pulls up. Again we can edit the gas fee if we want, we can go for a slow and average or a fast, but I’m going with fast.

We can see the total, the amount plus the gas fee.

If we are happy with everything, click confirm, and we can see it’s confirming.

There we go. We have successfully traded your tokens. Your trade is settled.

We can click on receipt, and again, it’ll load Ether Scan. It can show us the transaction. Thirty seconds later and success, it’s once again been transacted.

So if we come back here, click close here. And if we come up to my Meta Mask wallet, and again, you can see the Ethereum balance has gone down. So I’ve got now got 0.0154 ETH.

Scroll down; you can now see I’ve got 0.032 WETH.

And that is how you transfer Ethereum to wrapped Ethereum using two different methods.

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