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Apple has banned Trust Wallet from having the browser tab inside the Trust Wallet application, and for iOS users, this means we no longer have access to DApps.

This doesn’t allow us to buy and sell using PancakeSwaps. We can instead do this PancakeSwap from our Trust Wallet application.

One of the best alternatives, at least in my opinion, is using WalletConnect.

Before we explain WalletConnect a little more, I want to preface that this is available for any mobile phone ecosystem, whether it be iOS, Android, or whatever you are on. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to use once you get used to the system.

I will explain how I sold some SafeMoon and got it into BNB using PancakeSwap and my Trust Wallet account.

Starting Out

We’re going to start on the PancakeSwap website, just in a regular browser such as Chrome or Safari, on your phone.

Then we’re going to use these side buttons here to load up and click on trade, and then click on the Exchange button. Because in this case, I am exchanging tokens to coins and tokens to tokens.

This loads up this page right here. If you’ve used PancakeSwap before in or outside of the Trust Wallet application, you’ll be very used to this page.

Now, we’re going to click on BNB, and in this case, just for demonstration purposes and in no way a reflection of my opinions on SafeMoon. I just knew I had some SafeMoon that I could use, so I typed in SafeMoon.

I clicked on the currency I wanted to trade to, and in this case, it’s BNB. So then I type in how much I want to trade, and in this case, I just used a thousand SafeMoon, again, just for demonstration purposes.

It shows me how many estimated BNB I’m going to receive. It shows you the price of SafeMoon per BNB.

Then I adjusted the slippage tolerance like we usually would. I’m typing in here 12%. It tells me this transaction maybe a front run, but that’s fine.

Now what we’re going to do is click on Unlock Wallet. Now, if you notice, if we click on Trust Wallet, it just brings up an error.

Using WalletConnect

Instead, we want to click on WalletConnect, which will load up this little pop-up here.

In this case, we’re going to be using our Trust Wallet. So, in this case, I click on Trust Wallet, but if you wanted to use a different wallet, whether that be, MetaMask, or anything like that, there’s a wide variety on WalletConnect.

So I click on Trust Wallet, and you can see it automatically loads up my Trust Wallet application and asks me to connect to the PancakeSwap website.

So if I’m happy with everything, I click on Connect, and then I can go back to my browser.

So I go back to the browser I’m using for PancakeSwap, and in this case, mine is Google Chrome. So then I can click on Approve SafeMoon.

Then it takes me back to my Trust Wallet application and shows you this page, basically confirming the network fee for this trade, which is 0.00024501BMB, which is equivalent to eight cents at the time of writing.

So I click on Send because I’m happy with that. And then I go back to my app, my browser, sorry. And then eventually, took about 30 seconds to a minute, the Swap button loads up into the blue.

Once the Swap button loads up into blue, and you’re happy with everything, you can click on the Swap button.

Once you click on the Swap button and confirm your swap, it takes you back to the Trust Wallet application. And again, it shows you where I’m sending the tokens from the DApp — in this case, it’s PancakeSwap, the network fee and the max total.

If I’m happy with everything again, I click Send, which I am. Then I go back to my browser to see the transaction has been submitted. And I can view this transaction on BscScan.

So that load’s up there. As you can see, I get a pop-up from Trust Wallet, basically explaining that the smart contract call has been executed.

If I click on that, click cancel, and it will ask me to disconnect the session, and that’s me disconnecting the link between Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap using my browser with the bridge, so-called of WalletConnect.

So I click cancel. Then and we can see now if we go back scroll to Smart Chain that I have had two smart contract calls today. One of them is the first network fee, and one of them is the actual transaction from SafeMoon into BNB.

That’s a basic overview of how you use WalletConnect.

Suppose you no longer have access to Dapps or the browser features within Trust Wallet, then in my opinion.

In that case, although this does take a little bit of getting used to, it is the best and most flexible solution now for converting and trading cryptocurrency within Trust Wallet and on the PancakeSwap exchange.




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