How To Transfer BNB From Trust Wallet To Binance

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Getting Started

You can see in my Trust Wallet I have £18.11 in BNB, which is equivalent at the time of writing this post to 0.07558766 BNB.

So if we run over here to my Binance Application and log in, we can see I am taken to this wallet page.

If your wallet page doesn’t look like this, what you want to do is, come and click on these like little lines in the bottom left-hand corner, then click on this person in the top left-hand corner and make sure you’ve got Binance Lite enabled and switched on.

So then, if we come back to my wallet and scroll down, we will see I have BNB. And we’re going to click in here, and you can see at the moment at the time of writing this post, I have 0.00459048 BNB, which is £1.09. So that’s Great British Pounds.

Depositing the BNB Tokens

So now we’re going to click on the Deposit button. And once we click on this, you can see I get a little popup here that says, “Please enter both MEMO and address data, which are required to deposit BNB tokens into your Binance account”.

If I’m happy with everything that says, I’m just going to click continue. So now, from here, we can see I’ve got the BNB deposit address and the BNB MEMO. So what I’m going to do is click on these little squares at the side of the BNB deposit address, and you’ll see it copies them to the clipboard.

Then you’re going to look back over to Trust Wallet, and I’m inside BNB. And what I’m going to click is on the Send button. And that will load up this page.

Now, what I’m going to do, is I’m going to paste the BNB deposit address I copied earlier into the recipient address, and I do that just by clicking on the paste button.

We now need to decide on the amount I am going to transfer. In this case, I click the Max button. After that, I will transfer the maximum amount of BNB I have in Trust Wallet over to my Binance Exchange.

I’m now going to go back to the Binance application. And this time, I’m going to click on the squares at the side of the BNB MEMO, which will copy the BNB MEMO.

Then go back to Trust Wallet and paste that in the Memo.

Once I’m happy with everything here, I’m going to click on the Confirm button, and we can see now I am transferring 0.07551266 BNB from my main wallet to the address, which I copied from my Binance Exchange with the Memo. We can see the network fee, and we can see the maximum total. If I’m happy with all of that, I am in this case. I am going to go ahead and click on the Send button.

Waiting for the Transaction

Now I’ll head over to my BNB page on Binance, and I’m just going to keep refreshing until the transaction appears. In this case, it took about a minute for the transaction to come through. But depending on how many transactions are on the network at any one time, it could take a little bit longer, or be a little bit quicker, just depending on that. So we can see how I have a little push notification from Binance that says, “You successfully deposited 0.075521266 BNB on the 28th of May 2021.”

Again, if we refresh now, we can see that in my balance, my balance now on Binance is 0.08010314 BNB, which at the time of writing this post is equivalent to £19.

So that’s how you transfer BNB, Binance Coin from Trust Wallet, over to the Binance Exchange.

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