How To Send WETH From Ronin Wallet To Metamask

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I recently sold an Axie over on Axie Infinity, and I wanted to withdraw WETH I had received from my Ronin wallet into my MetaMask wallet.

So, I could then withdraw it to Binance, my bank account and go that way about things.

This is the process I used. There are probably multiple different ways you can go about it yet. This is just the way I did it. I’m not responsible if you follow this method; if you go wrong in any way, I’m just showing my experience.

Getting Started

So with that being stated, what I did is I logged into Make sure you go to the genuine website. There are a couple of fake ones out there, phishing right now.

So I logged in and went up to the account in the top right-hand corner.

Then I came down to click on running withdrawal on the left-hand side, which loaded up this little popup here.

Now you can see the marker at the bottom there. It says only withdraw to your MetaMask wallet. So you can’t withdraw from Ronin to Binance.

This, you have to withdraw to your MetaMask wallet at the time of me writing this post. So I clicked on my MetaMask wallet, and I copied my address. You can see my address ends in F47a there.

So I pasted that in, and I know I have got the correct paste cause it ends in F47a.

So then I click on Ethereum under Assets.

Then I select my amount. In this case, I’m going to choose my max amount.

Confirming the Withdrawal

If I’m happy with everything, go ahead, and click on the next button. That loads up this little popup here and says withdrawals can be costly.

Check the fee here. Only withdrawals to your MetaMask wallet, interactions with smart contracts not spotted. Once you start a withdrawal, you cannot go back.

I clicked on this tab to see the price of the transactions right now. You can visit to withdraw Ethereum. Depending on the speed, it’s currently between $34 and $36.

The faster the speed, the more expensive it is, the slower, the speed, the cheaper ends.

So, if I’m happy with all of that, I go ahead, and I click on “I understand”. Then I see the whole transaction here. I’m not withdrawing 0.128 and many numbers from my Ronin to my Ethereum network wallet, ending in F47a.

I click confirm, and then I’m loaded up with this popup. Now, this popup can take a little time to appear, but when it does, you can just again review the transaction and click confirm.

Then you’ll have this little area, and you can see it says, crossing into the Ether does take some time, please be patient.

So, in this case, it took me about 60 seconds for the next popup thing to appear, which shows the transaction once again and says you can confirm it through MetaMask.

I click on confirm through MetaMask. Again, I get a MetaMask popup, and it shows you all the gas fees.

If I’m happy with everything, I obviously could theoretically edit the gas fees here. However, I’m not going to; rather, the transaction goes through correctly.

I’m just going to go ahead, and I’m going to click on the confirm button. Then we can see the withdrawal has been completed. Your action has been completed.

It might take some time for your token to appear in your wallet. But, again, that time will depend on the amount you have paid and the speed you are going at.

So if I click on view Etherscan, this can take about 30 seconds for the transaction details to come through. So don’t be alarmed; if it just shows a blank page for the first 30 seconds, it will eventually show up for you.

Then obviously, because I had gone on the fast network and paid a little extra, my withdrawal took about three minutes to come through, and you can see how it shows that the transaction has been successful.

If I click on my MetaMask wallet, you can see I go from around $140 in Ethereum up to $524.

If I go over to my Ronin wallet, you can see I no longer have any WETH USD value in that wallet.

So, that’s the way I’ve done it. As always, there’s a variety of ways you can do it. This is just the way I did it. I’m not responsible if it doesn’t work for you.

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