How To Send ETH From Metamask To Ronin Wallet

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I have been playing Axie Infinity recently and one of the questions I had was “How do I transfer Ethereum from my MetaMask wallet to my Ronin wallet?”. So, I thought I’d make this post to show you how I do it.

Starting the Transfer

So if we get started here, I am in the marketplace of Axie Infinity. I come up to my MetaMask wallet, you can see I’ve got an 0.1042 ETH.

I want to send that over to my Ronin wallet which you can see has already got some WETH in it. That’s wrapped Ethereum.

So in order to do this, we want to click on the bridge at the top. That’s

Then we want to go ahead and we want to click deposit. This will then ask me to unlock my Meta Mask, do that, and then out loads up this page right here.

As you can see, I am transferring something from the Ethereum network to the Ronin network. The first thing I need is my Ronin wallet address. I do that by clicking on the Ronin wallet and copying the address by clicking on that button there.

And then just paste it in there.

Then it is time to select the asset you would like to transfer. In this case, I’m transferring Ethereum. So I click on Ethereum. Then it’s time to decide how much I would like to transfer. Just going to check my balance.

Completing the Transfer

Then it’s time to decide how much I would like to transfer. For example, I clicked max and I noticed that I can’t transfer the max cause I’ve not got enough Ethereum in gas fees to cover the transaction.

So I needed to reduce the amount I’m transferring slightly.

I found that the best number for me, based on the current gas fees, was about 0.092. You can see here that yes, I’m charged a gas fee of 0.09, which is equivalent to, at the time of me making this post, $29.10.

As I am happy with all of that, so I click confirm and then you can see the deposit has been completed.

So I go ahead, and I click on view Etherscan, and we can see that the transaction is not there right now. But if you refresh after about 20 to 30 seconds, it loads, then it will show success.

However, when it shows success, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically straight in your Ronin wallet. So I panicked at this point; no need to panic.

It takes a couple more minutes. My first transaction took an extra 30 minutes. My second transaction that took about an additional two minutes before showing up in my Ronin wallet.

As you can see originally, I had 0.07 over into in my Ronin wallet. And I refreshed a bit later, and 0.1641, it was about a minute or two.

It does automatically wrap the Ethereum for you. It changes it from ETH to WETH when you are transferring it from Meta Mask to your Ronin wallet.

So you don’t have to worry about that. And yet if I load open my Ronin wallet using the little plugin thing for Google Chrome, you can see here, it shows my total balance.

So hopefully this has helped one of you guys out who’s maybe just getting started with Axe Infinity, like I am.

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