How To Send BNB From Binance To MetaMask Wallet

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Okay. So, we can see here I’ve got some BNB in my Binance exchange, and I want to send that to my MetaMask wallet.

Now, this is the process I used. What I did was I went over to the URL:

I scrolled down to where it says “Mainnet (This is the one you’re probably looking for)”.

I copied the RPC URL, came up to my MetaMask wallet, clicked on this “Ethereum Mainnet”, and went down to “custom RPC.

Then I typed in “smart chain”. Then I pasted in the URL, typed in “56”, “BNB” and typed in the URL.

Now, if at any point you click off MetaMask here, it will automatically refresh, and you’ve got to start from the beginning again. It’s a security feature of MetaMask. So you’ve got to copy something in advance.

So, with that in mind, once that is all set up, I click “save”. This adds BSC, that’s the Binance Smart Chain Network, to your MetaMask wallet. So you can see now, it says “BNB” I’ve got some skill and stuff.

So, that’s all set up. So now what we can do, is we can come back to my Binance exchange. I can see I’ve got the BNB. So, I want to click on “withdraw”.

That loads up this withdrawal page here.

Then we need my MetaMask wallet address. So we click on this, and we’re just going to “copy to clipboard” this. And you can see my wallet address here ends in “F47a”.

So come over here, paste it in, and you can see it ends in “F47a”.

The network has already been selected, “BSC Binance Smart Chain”. Then it’s just up to me to decide how much I want to withdraw. In this case, I will click on the “max” button because I want to withdraw the maximum amount I have.

If you’ve got a lot, do a test transaction first, to make sure it’s connected properly, rather than you losing hundreds if not thousands of pounds or dollars in BNB by sending it to somewhere that’s maybe not correct.

Then once I’m happy with everything, I go ahead and click on this “withdraw” button. A pop-up now loads up:

Then it says the network fee charge, which is 0.0005 BNB, and how much I’m receiving, the address, the network, etcetera. If I’m happy with everything, I click “Continue”.

Then it will load up a security page where I have to type in some numbers I get in a text and an email. I’ve blocked that out for security reasons. Then it will reset me to this page, and it says your withdrawal request has been submitted.

Now, if I click “complete”, it’ll refresh the page.

So, what I can do is I can click on this arrow here. It loads up this page, and we can see that the estimated withdrawal is just going to take a minute.

Because it’s on the BNB or the BSC Binance Smart Chain Network, it is fast.

So, if we click on my MetaMask, we can see I’ve now got 0.3852 BNB in my MetaMask wallet.


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