How To Sell Safemoon V2 On Trust Wallet

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In this post, I’ll be showing you how to sell Safemoon Version Two that you’re holding inside of your Trust Wallet.

This is simply the process I used to sell Safemoon Version Two back into BNB that I was holding on trust wallet.

Getting Started

So to get started here, I am on Trust Wallet, and you can see that I have a balance of 550,337 Safemoon Version Two. To get started, I want to click on this button just up here, and then I want to click on the View on CoinMarketCap. That will then load up the CoinMarketCap website. You want to scroll down, and you want to copy the contract address using this button.

Then, you can go over to your web browser. Now, in this case, I’m using Google Chrome, but you can use whatever. You want to go ahead, and you want to connect your wallet with PancakeSwap.

Do make sure you’re on the correct PancakeSwap website. There are a lot of fake websites out there, so make sure you’re on the right one and then go ahead and connect to the wallet. You can do that by clicking that button up there.

Then, we want to select the token we want to sell. So we’re going to click on this button right here, and we’re going to paste in the contract address that we just copied, and that’s because, at the time of doing this, Safemoon Version Two is not pre-loaded into Pancake Swap.

So paste that in, and you can see SFM pops up. That is Safemoon Version Two. You can see mine says, “Added by the user.” That’s because I’ve previously tested this demonstration to make sure it works. You can see because I’ve connected my wallet, it shows my Safemoon balance, which, as we know, is 550,300.

Selling the Safemoon

So we’re going ahead, and we’ve clicked on that. If we go back, we can decide what we want to sell to. So, in this case, I’m going to click on this, and I’m going to make sure it’s selected to BNB. Again, because my wallet is connected, we can see that I have a balance of 0.112199 BNB right now.

Then, you want to select the slippage by clicking on the cog arrow. I have done 5%, and it worked fine. I don’t know if you can go lower. I’ve not tested it, but 5% worked well for me.

So from there then, we need to decide how many Safemoon we want to sell, and in this case, I’m going to sell 10,000 Safemoon for a total of 0.0309052 BNB. Then, if we’re happy with everything, we can go ahead and click the Swap button.

Now, depending on whether or not you’ve done this transaction before, you may be asked to confirm the contract address.

So this button here will be two buttons. If that’s the case, go ahead confirm the contract address. It will redirect you over to your Trust Wallet, and you’ll have to confirm the contract address, and then it’ll bring you back.

Again, because I have done this transaction previously to test it, mine comes up with this Confirm Swap button. That will be your second button, so you’ll want to go ahead, and you’ll want to click on that if you are happy with everything.

From there then, we can see it says this popup, and it just says, “Waiting for Confirmation to confirm this transaction in your wallet.”

So I go over to my wallet here, and we can see that this popup appears saying the Smart Contract Call. I am being charged $1.18 at the time of filming for this transaction. That comes out of my BNB, so make sure you have some BNB Smart Chain to process these transactions. It is only a tiny amount, but you will need some to process these transactions.

So if you’re happy with everything, you can go ahead. You can click that Confirm button, and you can see that number one next to my Smart Chain now says that the transaction is pending.

I go back over to my Google Chrome, and if we refresh a couple of times and wait, we can see that my Smart Chain balance has now gone up. It’s now 0.1406, and my Safemoon balance has gone down. It’s now 540,337.

So I have now traded my Safemoon Version Two for BNB Smart Chain.

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