How To Save Money On Decorating Your Home

Are you looking at how to save money on decorating your home?

I love redecorating as much as the next person but unfortunately we all know how expensive it can get. I find myself looking at new and cute decor items and looking on Pinterest at new colour schemes and I know I can find it all for less. I started looking at new ways to use what I had and ways to make our house look better on a budget.

There are so many ways in which you can jazz up a room in your home without having to spend a lot of money or any at all. These are my top 10 cost friendly tips to help you save money on decorating your home.

1. Buy Second Hand

You can buy pretty much anything you might need second hand. There is a magnitude of places you can find second-hand furniture and home decor which you can use as is or upcycle into something more suitable to your style and colour scheme.

Buying second hand is great as you can find impressive and high-quality items for a fraction of the price in high street stores. Items won’t always be the same or exact ones you may have seen in production but you can look for something similar that you can make your own.

I also really like this idea as you can buy furniture and change the style of your room and if you don’t like it, you haven’t had to spend too much on the furniture and you can sell it on for what you paid.

2. Upcycle

Don’t be afraid to upcycle, this can be a great way of adding luxury and well made furniture without breaking the bank.

This is also a great idea for adding small details from vases, fake flowers, frames and ornaments to a room. You can find these from recycling stores, charity shops, car boots and on local selling platforms.

You can find chest of draws, tv stands, wardrobes and more and paint them to create a whole new look. Look at buying new handles to change the look and update it to your standards. You can also do this with a number of items you find, the exterior of something may be great but needs a refresh. I love doing this with old jars adding on ribbons or bows, filling with dried flowers or fake flowers.

You can use small jars from your kitchen that held pasta sauce and clean them out and decorate. You can paint them, add bows or ribbon and add candles inside. There are some great books and blogs that come up with some great ideas to upcycle items in your home into new and useful products.

3. Repurpose Items

When we decide to redecorate a room we often work out what furniture it needs (if any) and we look at what we already have. If we can we will reuse the furniture within the room if we can or look at using it elsewhere in the house.

Smaller items such as frames, small decorations and soft furnishings can be re-purposed and used in other rooms of the house. We generally have the same colour scheme running through our house so we can change up the room layout and decor into different rooms.

This is also a great way of keeping things fresh in the house as you can find new places for items, change up the layout and furniture.

4. Buy With Longevity In Mind

A great way of saving money on big-ticket items such as sofas, desks, chairs and tables and other items of furniture is to buy items that you will want to keep for a long time.

This goes hand in hand with point 3 of repurposing items. We often buy furniture with the intention of using it until its either broken or until we no longer need it. We really try and buy items that we can use for a long time and in a number of rooms in our house.

Things such as storage baskets, kallax’s and draws we often buy in plain colours such as wood, white or grey as they are the most used colours of furnituer we have. This is a really good way of making sure your furniture has longevity and can be repurposed within the house for different rooms.

We then use smaller, inexpensive items to add colour and decoration to a room which can be easily replaced with a new colour scheme.

5. Look For Freebies

I love this idea and it can be done. There can be so many pieces of furniture that go for free on local selling sites, this is due to the people wanting rid of the item quick and they don’t want to have to move it or take it to the tip.

It may be hard to do but it can be so worth it, you can find a number of things from hangers, mirrors, photo frames up to items as big as wardrobes to drawers. It is helpful if you can go that day and pick up the items ready to take home.

Look for freebies going on your local selling websites and ask friends and family as that is a great way of getting some free home decor items and furniture. Ask around family and friends for any pots of paints they aren’t using or won’t need anymore, my mum gave us some door paint for our front door she no longer needed which we loved.

6. Do The Work Yourself

This is a great tip for people who aren’t as keen with DIY as others, we certainly weren’t until we moved into this house and decided we really wanted to try a go at doing some of the things ourselves.

We saved money on our kitchen fitting by putting the carcass of the kitchen together ourselves before the joiners came in to do the more complicated fittings and fixtures. The kitchen we chose was from Ikea which we loved because we know Ikea well and trust it and it was a great price compared to some of the other companies we looked at.

I love this option as you can do all the things in your home you want, pick and choose what you would feel comfortable with doing from hanging pictures to fitting coving and even tiling floors. We used Youtube to watch videos of how to do each task to work out if it was something we could do and what kind of tools we needed.

Things that are out of your comfort zone or skill level look at hiring a professional and get plenty of quotes before going ahead with the task.

7. Buy In Sales

We found that mnay of our house items were bought in sales. For example we love ikea furniture and decor so we will often save up to go and even check the bargain bacement part for reductions or for the products we want but at a discounted price.

We often know what kind of colours we want in our house and so while we were waiting to get the keys and finalise on the house we can start to shop the sales and discounts for items we might need. We don’t do this too much as you never know what you will really want or need until your in the house more.

You can even do this once the main part of your decorating is done so you can shop over time to finally make the room what you want it to be.

8. Paint And Update

A big way of changing the feel and essense of a room in your home is by painting. It can be fairly in expensive if you choose the right brand of paint and colours. This can completely transform a room from meh to wow!

When we first moved into our current house we painted our living room a shiny creamish colour, we bought the paint at a closing down sale and it was rediculously cheap. We used that to paint the room and after so long the colour really wasn’t us. We also ended up using the living room as a temporary kitchen for 5-6 months while we got a new kitchen and so the wear and tear from that took its toll on the room.

We ended up getting some new paint and completely redecorating. We had a sofa already which we had from our first house which was grey so it fit the new colour scheme, we also had a kallax tv unit which fit into the scheme and everything else was repurposed into other rooms.

If you like the colour of your room, why not look at painting or recovering your furniture? Depending on your furniture you can completely change the colour and alter the feel and atmosphere of a room. You can change up the cushion covers, use throws and blankets to cover the sofa.

9. Sell What You Don’t Need

A greta way of pulling back some of the costs of redecorating is to sell what you no longer need for that room. If it isn’t going to be good use anywhere else in the house then sell it. We found that when we started to redecorate in our bedroom and offices that we ended up with items and furniture that were no longer needed.

We found that the best place to sell these items were on places like Facebook Marketplace, Shpock and Gumtree.

10. Don’t Underestimate The Small Details

Whether you are looking to completely change a colour scheme or just change it up a little don’t underestimate the small changes in a room. Change the layout, move your sofa to a different side of the room or look at a new angle for your tables.

Look at adding small details to a room, such as flowers (real or fake), vases, frames and ornaments.

This is a great way of adding colour and texture to a room without having to spend a lot of money on repainting, wallpapering or changing the furniture.

Look at adding shelves or something to hang on the walls to create a new feature and focal point to the room. Small additions and pops of accent colour can really add a new feel and atmosphere to the room. You could even look at changing the shade on a lamp, add a coloured bulb for an evening glow to change the ambience.