How To Migrate To Safemoon V2 On The Safemoon Wallet

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I’m going to be showing you how to migrate from version one of SafeMoon to version two of SafeMoon on the SafeMoon wallet.

This is specific to the SafeMoon wallet. If you want to migrate from Trust Wallet to SafeMoon Wallet, you can do so. I do have another post on that.

This is simply the process I use to migrate from V1 to V2 of SafeMoon.

Updating Safemoon

So, to get started, I opened my safe moon wallet application.

I got an alert saying that I needed to update the SafeMoon Wallet app when I did. So, I went ahead and did that. Now, you will need to update your app before you migrate. Otherwise, no Safemoon V2 information will be shown on the app.

So, if you see no V2 information, you need to update your safe moon app.

Then what you want to do is open up and log in. You can come down and click the swap button in the middle at the bottom, which will load up this page.

At the bottom, you should see “Upgrade to SafeMoon V2”.

When you click on that, this popup appears:

It provides a lot of information. Then, once you’ve read it all, you can click on the “consolidate now” button.

Then, just as I was getting started, I got another popup here that says:

Once you have read that and understood that, click on “I have read, and I understand,” and then you will get the “swap” page.

Migrating Safemoon V1 to Safemoon V2

If it loads as mine does with the Smartchain, all you need to do is click where Smartchain is and then change for SafeMoon.

So, I click on that, and we see that the slippage is removed. It just has the speed involved.

So, at the top, I’ve got SafeMoon, and at the bottom, SafeMoon V2.

Then I want to select how much SafeMoon I want to migrate to V2, and in my case, I want to do the maximum amount.

So, I click on the “max” button, and we can see that it’s a one to one ratio, so 39,200 for 39,200.

We can see that I am charged a maximum fee. That is the transaction fee. So, you’re not charged any slippage. So, you’re not charged any tax, but you are charged for the transaction fee.

In this case, the maximum I’m going to be charged is 0.006.

So, if you get an error when you press “swap,” it’s more than likely because you don’t have any BNB Smartchain in your SafeMoon wallet, and you will need some for this transaction to take place.

Once you’re happy with everything, go ahead. Click that “swap button”, and you can see how it’s swapping, and we can click on the BSC Scan link to watch the transaction on BSC Scan.

I’ll click done and then click X.

If I come back to my wallet and refresh, you can see it briefly went up to $117. That’s because it first thinks I’ve got 39, 200 in both V1 and V2 Safemoon, so it counted them both.

If I refresh again, you can see that it’s now only V2. So it’s got 39,200 in V2.

Finalising the Migration

Regarding this 1.64, SafeMoon, which is known as “dust”. You could, theoretically, if you wanted to, move that again so that you would repeat the process for the 1.64.

However, that is such a small amount of Safemoon the transaction fee of Smartchain BNB will be higher than the cost of transferring.

So, in this case, I’m just happy to leave it, but if you did want to, you’d repeat the process, but it is a false economy, in my opinion. So, with that being said, I now have my V1 SafeMoon migrated to V2.

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