How To Buy SHIBA INU On Coinbase (SHIB)

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This is how I’ve been buying SHIBA INU on Coinbase.

As you can see here, I am already logged into my Coinbase account. So we’re going to start by clicking on Buy/Sell here.

Then it asks us, is this a one-time purchase, or would we like to make it a daily, weekly or another specific type of purchase? In this case, it is just a one-time purchase.

We then want to select what we want to buy. In my case, it’s pre-selected to Bitcoin, but we want to buy SHIBA INU, so type in SHIBA; it comes up there. Then select how much we want to buy.

So let’s say I want to buy 50 pounds worth of SHIBA INU. Once I click that, it takes me straight to this page. And you can see that I’m using the bank details that I have already filled in previously.

If you are new to Coinbase, you’ll need to enter those. I know many people, especially in the UK, are asking me which bank account’s best? In my personal opinion, I am using Virgin Bank and Starling Bank, and I’ve had no problems with those. But that’s not to say there won’t be any problems in the future.

So we can see now my Coinbase fee is 1.99, and therefore my total is 50 pounds. But I’m only getting 48 pounds and one penny worth of SHIBA INU, which at the time of this post is 2,340,167 SHIB.

If I’m happy with everything, which in this case, I am, click Buy Now. Now that has gone through. You can see that “Thank you! Your payment is processing. We’ll send you an email when your order status updates”.

However, if I go back to my assets, scroll down here, and we can see that I’ve now got all my usual, but I’ve also got my SHIBA INU balance.

Click on the SHIBA INU asset. We can see that I bought some SHIBA INU just here. Then, we can see the overview. From here, you can also purchase some more if that’s what you want to do.

That is how you buy SHIBA INU on Coinbase.

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