How To Buy Safemoon V2 On Safemoon Wallet

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In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to buy SafeMoon Version Two using Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap. This is simply the process that I have used to do this transaction.

Getting Started

We start on the CoinMarketCap website. What we want to do is we want to search for SafeMoon, but you want to make sure you’re getting the SafeMoon with the SFM in brackets because that is the abbreviation for SafeMoon Version Two.

So once you’ve got that, you want to go ahead and copy the contract address by pressing on this button right here. And I’ll explain why we need that in just a moment.

So with that being said, once you’ve got that, you can head over to PancakeSwap, and you want to go ahead, and you want to connect your wallet.

Click on “Connect Wallet” and then “Trust Wallet”, and then you can see mine is connected.

Swapping BNB for Safemoon

So what I want to do now is to click on the trade button in the bottom left-hand corner, which will send me to this page right here. Then we want to click on either the BNB or the CAKE. Yours might be different, but either one you can click on.

I clicked on the top one, and then I wanted to paste in the contract address I had just copied from CoinMarketCap. We do this because, at the time of writing this post, the SafeMoon V2 token isn’t already embedded into PancakeSwap properly.

So if you type in SafeMoon at the time of filming, it’s only bringing up SafeMoon V1. So we are just going to paste that contract address in, and you’ll see it brings up SFM, added by user “SafeMoon”.

This already brings in my SafeMoon Version Two balance, which is 540,400.

So I am happy with everything, click on that, and that will load that there. If it’s in the top box, you want to press this arrow just like I press there to send it to the bottom because we will be transferring to SFM, SafeMoon Version Two.

Then we want to click on CAKE because I’m not transferring from CAKE; I’m transferring from BNB. So it’s BNB smart chain.

You need to make sure you’ve got some BNB smart chain for this transaction to work. So click on that, and you can see how my balance in BNB smart chain is now 0.134163, SafeMoon Version Two balance 540,432.

Then we want to click on this cog icon here and decide on a slippage. Initially, I started with a 2% slippage to see if I could get away with it.

I went ahead, and I decided on my transfer balance. So I wanted to transfer 0.05 BNB into SafeMoon Version Two. So I typed in 0.05. Then, when I was happy with everything, I went ahead and clicked “Swap”.

I read through everything again, confirmed “Swap”, and got this error. So now, this error is telling me that my slippage is too low.

So what I did is I clicked “X”, went back up to the cog icon, changed that to 5%, clicked “Swap Again”, and then I clicked, “Confirm Swap”, and then we can see it transfers me over to my Trust Wallet.

Now, on my Trust Wallet, it shows me the entire smart contract. So we can see that I’m spending 0.05 BNB on SafeMoon Version Two.

We can see the network fee I am charged, which is 0.00, and then a lot of numbers that I’m not going to go into, but it’s currently valued at $1.02, bringing the total cost, the maximum total cost, to 27 dollars and 63 cents for this transaction.

As I’m happy with everything, I will go ahead and click “Confirm”.

Okay, so now I’ve done that. So you can see I am directly sent back to this page, and it says, “You can now go back to your browser.”

Completing the Transaction

So I go back to my browser. I see the transaction submitted, and I can view it on BscScan. So I click on that link there.

It takes me to BscScan. I can refresh from here, but we can see that I get this popup just a couple of seconds later.

So I click on that, and I go back to my Trust Wallet, and I click back, and we can see now if I refresh the page right here, my SafeMoon Version Two balance has gone up from 540,000 to 556,000, and my smart chain balance has gone down from 0.1341 to 0.0825.

Therefore, I have bought some SafeMoon Version Two on Trust Wallet using PancakeSwap.

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