How Often Does YNAB Sync With Banks?

There are a handful of questions many YNAB beginners ask that are fairly straight forward to answer, however “How often does YNAB sync with bank institutes” is not one of them.

Yet, it gets asked a lot, and rightly so. Many of us, especially enthusiastic beginners want to check in with YNAB on a daily basis – sometimes more.

If you’re from the UK (or outside of the US & Canada) you’ll already know that direct importing doesn’t work for you.

Right now, YNAB only synchronises with banks in the US and Canada (although we hope that will change in the future).

Manually Pushing A Syncronisation Between YNAB & Banks

Sadly, at this time it is not possible to manually push a synchronisation between YNAB and your bank accounts.

Some other budgeting applications do offer this so hopefully, it’s something that will come as a feature at a later date as I do believe it’s highly important to allow you to keep a real-time track on your budget.

Auto Synchronisation Between YNAB & Banks

How often YNAB syncs with bank accounts varies dramatically between different user accounts, bank accounts and even the day of the week!

However, at a minimum, you should see one auto synchronisation every 24 hours.

Some YNAB users have reported seeing two synchronisations in one day, at a minimum of eight hours apart.

However, again that varies between different users and the bank accounts.

How To Keep On Top Of Your YNAB Budget Without Auto Synchronization

With all that in mind, it can be hard to trust your budget in real-time on YNAB.

Therefore many users such as myself (as I’m based in the UK) opt for manual entry and follow that up with synchronisation to double-check everything as and when that’s pushed through.

how often does ynab sync with banks

Manual entry can seem scary, and a lot of work but honestly, it doesn’t have to be.

Personally, I, together with my partner sit down once every evening for around fifteen minutes and go through our budget and our transactions from the past 24 hours.

Those 15 minutes spent include us going through our personal budget as well as multiple business budgets we also have in YNAB so you can clearly see that over time, the manual entry process does get quicker and I believe keeps you more in check with your budget.