Since I started being savvy there is two things I have found need to happen in order to be successful;

1. Be organised.

2. Keep your eyes peeled.

I’m a member of many money saving forums, after-all it’s the power of the people that mean we can all be as savvy as we are. The power of 10,000 eyes reporting back is better than one. In one particular forum, they discuss Wombles: Receipts that have been discarded by other people.

I called round to my parents today, just as I got there my dad was pulling in from Morrisons, he ‘cant be bothered’ with all those multiple cards, and he doesn’t have a clue what an app is. So it’s not your average womble, but my dad was willing to give me his Morrisons receipt so I could add this to my match and more card.

Later that day I was in Asda picking up some bits when in an abandoned trolly I saw a damn looking receipt. I picked it up, brought it home, and ran it through the Price Guarantee site for Asda turns out this persons shop was cheaper elsewhere, and that landed me with a £2.52 my next shop!

All these things could of easily passed me by, but by keeping my eyes open I was able to womble my way through the day making some savvy savings along the way.

Free Starbucks

Premium coffee comes with a premium price alright!

Thats why it’s vary rare you’ll catch me in a Starbucks or Costa etc… But this week you might that’s because cashback kings TopCashBack are giving 100% cashback on any Starbucks drink up to the value of £3. Terms and conditions apply. Creative Coffee!

Do you know what tastes better than premium coffee?

Free premium coffee!

Do you know the best thing about all this, you don’t have to jump through hoops to claim either.

Simply go in store (Check terms on which stores apply)

Buy the coffee of your choice (Check that coffee is applicable, and check its under the £3 amount)

Go to the app and photograph you receipt.

Then TCB will take care of the rest, and credit the funds to your account usually in less than 24 hours!

Be sure to check out the TCB app for other money off vouchers too!

Tesco Bargain Bin.

Tesco is somewhat renowned in the deal hunting world as being the No1 supermarket for crazy reductions. This couldn’t be more true when I was browsing the toys isle (of all places) when I found this item below.

I don't know what this is, but I feel as though I should buy it!I found the price and my instincts simply said… ‘I don’t know what this is, but I feel as though I should buy it’ which in most cases I would advice against. But still… I went on to find out that this item is in fact a angle grinder, with the cheapest on eBay being £40.00 but hey I’m not selling, I have my own house now, you never know when I may want to take part in a little DIY. ;)

That wasn’t the only bargain I found at my local Tesco Extra though… I found an entire end isle dedicated to selling off 2.5l of Dulux White Matt Paint, a must have when decorating right? The price was £3.75. So I bought 6 tins totalling £22.50

2.5l Dulux White Matt PaintThe next cheapest 2.5l tin at the time of purchase was £13.99 with buy one tin get another half price making my 6 tins £63 or 5l on offer in ASDA for £10 per tin, making 3 tins £30, so here I managed to save £7.50

I have made a point of shopping for my house early for the items I know I am going to want and need when the purchase goes through. That way I am able to take advantage of the offers as and when they become available rather than having to source the cheapest items quickly in order to move on with the next task. Thats the key not just here but with coupon, deal hunting and savvying all together, keeping your eyes peeled and taking advantage of the right kind of deals when there available.